Clear advantages make us Number 1

There is a long tradition of access floors in our company because we have been enthusiastically developing, producing and installing them since 1960. You can benefit from using our competence by getting advice, products, installation and service all from a single source. 

Our strong position is supported by a great deal of evidence including our many years of experience, proximity to customers thanks to branches and sales partners in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, a long-term way of thinking and acting and in particular also our own production facility.

Regardless of whether it is a technical construction with tricky challenges or exclusivity for the entrance hall with sophisticated products: the advantage for our customers is close to our heart. We will work out the optimal solution together with you, create something unique and help to achieve your idea.

History of Lenzlinger raised access flooring

Pioneering performance for access floors

As one of the first manufacturers in Europe, we had already developed a flexible floor construction as early as 1960 for the first large computers coming from the USA. Type K374 was developed in 1965 – a system consisting of pedestals and beams with socket connections, which considerably increased flexibility and stability. Plywood panels in a 740x740 mm format were used as panel material.

Technical development in the 1970s

With the development of panels using high-density chipboard in a 600x600 mm format, it was possible from the mid-1970s onwards to do without the heavy beams. This meant that the slimmer construction enabled access floors to also be used for offices in the expanding service sector.

Equipping office workplaces

At the beginning of the eighties, the electronic data processing became prevalent in offices. Lenzlinger access flooring creates more space, increases flexibility, aesthetics, safety and satisfaction in the workplace. Floor boxes with integrated console adapters feed cables directly into the desk leg.